Of life and bittersweet goodbyes

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rustling leaves in autumn

I whisper as arrives
the end of year,

and lifetime of coffee mugs
crushed hopes
spill upon the page.

sorrow and load of heart

in my life I have loved
and lost,
only to emerge
and learn life is about

re-creating ourselves.

doubt, no longer here

I have embraced the pain
that made
me who I am,
being sunshine when
the sky is grey.

betrayal, I am wise and free

breathing in bloom
of magnolia trees,

knowing that sometimes
it’s best
to move on and

and some things are better
left unsaid.


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52 Replies to “Of life and bittersweet goodbyes”

  1. Sorrow, doubt and betrayal.

    All things that weigh us down. Leaving us stuck in a moment. Stuck where we are.
    We do have to recreate ourselves in the after. That rebirth can be so refreshing.
    Sometimes it is best to move on, or you waste a whole bunch of time. They will come back when they are ready, if ever.

  2. I am hoping as a fellow poet your beautiful sad words of farewell are poetic and not personal but merely ideas that spring to mind without a pain in your heart Sanaa.

  3. Beautiful poem, Sanaa! Maybe life is a never-ending mystery, and our only job is to learn to be ok with this bittersweet mystery! Sigh….

  4. I love the use of repetition – goodbye echoes throughout the poem, Sanaa, and resolve shines through the crushed hopes, sorrow and load of heart, doubt and pain, to flower in the final stanza.

  5. Goodbyes and rebirths are made of pain and lessons… and smiles, too. We can’t grow if our bones and flesh and mind don’t stretch until they hurt a bit. You’ve taken on the voice of autumn, spoken the pain and why it is worth the sacrifice.

  6. I have to confess I like these type of poems better than the love poems–these seem more genuine to me. I really love this, the strength of experience and hard-won wisdom in it, and the construction of the poem itself. Wonderful stuff, Sanaa.

  7. The attainment of wisdom is always bittersweet, but despite that, there is a thread of determination in this piece that is very heartening to see.

  8. knowing that sometimes it’s best
    to move on and forget,
    and some things are better left unsaid.

    Classic last words Sanaa! Very appropriate and very clever response to an emotional matter!


  9. Betrayal, something which I have known way too much of. I am reluctant to let people in.
    For me, Autumn is my favorite season, yet November in particular is a time when I’ve lost a lot of people.
    Thank you for your comment on my poem.

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