Of idle thoughts and truer dreams

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And I asked myself is this a dream
one my lips should not have kissed,
felt the wind bring in drops of rain
and reform all that had gone awry. 

To believe this to be passion such
that thin are layers of woe left behind-
as dawn red sweeps the distant sky
restoring faith in tear-dimmed eyes,
 I asked myself is this a dream?


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70 Replies to “Of idle thoughts and truer dreams”

  1. Does it even matter, for the moment? Joy has arrived either way! Sanaa, I marvel at how you find just the perfect illustration to go with your poems each time. Have a wonderful week, won’t you?

    1. Awwww gosh!!❤️ Thank you so much, Shay 😀 so glad you enjoyed it!❤️

      You too have a wonderful week ahead! 😀

  2. I certainly hope it is not a dream, for as the years roll away it is comforting to remember all you have done and the joy that you have had. Although tears do come readily when you recall such beautiful times…as I know well. Beautifully written Sanaa.

  3. I ask that of me a lot of times.

    “Is this a dream?”

    when I am in heaven or when something beautiful is upon me or when I’m in love…

    and this poem is just so dreamy. Lovely write. Good day!

  4. Sometimes there is a thin line between dreams and fantasy. One needs tears to cleanse the eye so the vision becomes clearer. Beautiful words that I can relate to at times.

  5. There are those who believe “what you see is what you get” and that it’s possible to “image your way to success”. Is it a dream … or a reality just beyond your grasp, waiting to be experienced? (Philosophically speaking, of course!)

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