Of desire (and a door left ajar)

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Behind the door 
there lie a few buried secrets 
Behind the door 
there lies a portal to the past
encircling with grim allegiance
with fetters of joy and grievance 
Behind the door

I never knew you
before unraveling the pain 
I never knew you 
before weight of silence and tears 
I hear the sound of restless rain 
yearning to open door again
I never knew you

Behind the door 
there lie a few unseen moments 
Behind the door
there lies a world without a sky 
a heart that’s carelessly open 
 perhaps an augural omen 
Behind the door

I never knew you 
before counting most tender sighs 
I never knew you
before listening to soul’s song
‘neath the cold and changing skies 
awakening desire inside
I never knew you


“If one were to give an account of all the doors one has closed and opened, of all the 
doors one would like to re-open, one would have to tell the story of one’s entire life.”
― Gaston Bachelard from The Poetics of Space.  

Photo credits: Pezcame.Com

Form: Rondelet

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58 Replies to “Of desire (and a door left ajar)”

  1. We never truly know anyone do we or they us? It is sad that this is the case but in fact it is a help to assess situations to determine the best course in our lives and consider alternatives. Great partnerships are made this way and is part of trust and love.

  2. You have captured the door well in this way of using the rondelet as a stanza… a form of yours I really like… The sense of making decisions as expressed by the door so well.

  3. We all have our closed doors and some best left that way. Others we yearn for others to open, to see who we really are and to be recognized loved, understood. Most of my doors are open some permanently closed. I welcome and am not afraid of others opening theirs. Your words are gentle and wise Sanaa.

  4. We never really know until we go through that door, what lies on the other side. And we can wait in fear and never try, or we can break on through to the other side. There can be so many things that keep us trapped on this side of the door. Past pains. Future fears.

    But what great reward we can find when we screw up the courage

  5. I love the Bachelard quote. I’m sure it tends to open doors for all of us … some we prefer to keep closed, and some we fling open in anticipation. Evocative write!

  6. The repetition you use sounds like the opening and closing of doors. Each day I am wondering how well do we know anyone. Is the person that answers the door the same who lives behind it when it is closed?

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