Ode to the River

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The river adorned shall ebb and flow;
So strange the attainment in its touch.
Her mind would hold with desperate clutch.

Similar to the song of river is life;
She gazed upon in curious delight.
River’s crusade had courage and might.

The river lapped so peacefully;
Its rhythm attached to memory.
She felt a rather magnetic pull;
Those river trails were beautiful.
Along the river weaved dreams and goals;
Restored the cadence in her soul.


Photo Credits: giphy.com

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United

44 Replies to “Ode to the River”

  1. There is nothing quite so enticing as a bubbling mountain stream. What a great illustrated clip you have provided for us to compliment your beautiful words.

  2. What a beautiful poetry you have weaved here, Sanaa. Extremely refreshing…and the video is equally captivating!! Lovely…

  3. This definitely was an ode. And thanks for the inclusion of the video. It made your already brilliant ode more alive and inspiring for its readers. enjoyed it!

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