Ode to a Poet

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Though thousands of miles apart; yet the writings
reflect the most earnest of souls. Thus sun awakes
just in time to welcome his ambition and his goals.
Lo! thus fingers of this hand wherewith I write; to
honor with pride lone into the new world’s sight.”

Hence glittering into night a million stars, moving
perhaps to shape his thoughts. And so as the quill
quickens upon the parchment, there shines a light
as though crescent beaming bright. Words in turn
speak tongues so clear, so as to satiate the soul, its 
ethereal light.

At last when someone spoke his name;
Thus portrait beamed inside its frame.


Photo credits: www.pinterest.com

Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Pub


32 Replies to “Ode to a Poet”

  1. Oh my. I especially LOVE the second stanza. So well written. I’m really enjoying reading the poems from this prompt…I was leary at first but they are turning out so wonderfully! I appreciate each for its own value…not “knowing” the dVerse folks that well since I’ve just moseyed up to the bar in December. This is just an excellent portrait! Love the illustration as well.

  2. oh!! this poem is so well contained. i love the inner rhyme and the metaphor of poet and poem and painting and frame and just all the artistry.

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