October: When Poets Dream, Lament and Sing

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Give me discomfort
as heather passing from bloom
to softened mud and appealing sun.
Give me lifelong woe for loving someone 
who like autumn wanders abroad
negligent of years 
and time that has passed.

I cannot forget roseate blush,
nor let go of memories sweet
and trials thrawn.
Can you feel the weight of centuries 
shouldered upon flailing arms?
Can you feel wisps of desire
tearing apart from gossamer clouds? 

I am twilight awaiting stars 
of stormy blue and brooding night, 
whatever happens 
this heart of mine will live on
to endure the rough caress of life;
like a kiss stolen
from a slumbering rosebud.

My scars are invisible
as emotions
unable to pinpoint cause of trouble,
as tears
tossed around by blustery wind,
as though unwilling to lose control
over a strong,
and imperishable mind.


Photo credits: Taras Loboda, Lady in red, 1961

Posted on Beautiful Freaks Fest 2 @Mg’s Blog Party

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60 Replies to “October: When Poets Dream, Lament and Sing”

  1. There is something haunting about the thought of a “twilight awaiting stars”… It leaves me thinking that twilight is almost always before or after the stars are their brightest. So the waiting might never be completely fulfilling, the twilight is always wanting, always almost… That can certainly create all sorts of wee scars.

    Thanks so much for joining the BFF2, Sanaa. And for being the first!

  2. this is dauntingly haunting and lovely at the same time. the gathering of your words here are mystical and magical. this piece speaks to the spirit of the true nature of the founding of ‘los dias de los muertos’, in the country of my birth! Gracias for sharing!

  3. There are multitudes of emotions and feelings here, made all the more tactile in your imagery and lament — the scars and the resilience tell a powerful story.
    I especially liked this bit: “this heart of mine will live on/to endure the rough caress of life;/like a kiss stolen/from a slumbering rosebud.”

  4. So beautifully sad! Your words made me realize how often I am feeling melancholy or wounded with no clear direction to pinpoint the cause. Thank you for your words.

  5. There is something romantic, gothic even, about lingering suffering made so beautiful and somehow needed. The aura is inviting.

  6. “like a kiss stolen
    from a slumbering rosebud”
    Absolutely, twilight can be thst sneaky.
    Thanks for dropping by my sumi-e Su day today Sanaa


  7. Ooooo, this was vivid and tactile in all the best ways. Love the image and the way you create an entire world within it.

  8. What a wonderful poem of love, life and pain. How the reader is grasped, sucked in almost, to the narrators world, possibly because he/she has been to those places as well.

  9. someone
    who like autumn wanders abroad
    negligent of years
    and time that has passed…

    like the autumn analogy here!

  10. Never heard or seen ‘thrawn”…great word…Now I’m wondering which other words you have hidden up your sleeve:) Give thanks for the strong imperishable mind. You cannot purchase one. It matters the most.

    1. Definitely 🙂 thanks for stopping by, Cressida ❤️

      PS: ‘Thrawn’ means perverse, unpleasant, sullen. It’s actually an adjective of a Scottish origin 🙂

  11. This is stunning Sanaa! I especially love the line, “Can you feel the weight of centuries shouldered upon flailing arms?” What an amazing line!! Love does bring scars in it’s beauty doesn’t it?

  12. Lovely, haunting imagery. An “imperishable mind” is a beautiful thing to have. Thank you for sharing yours. ❤️

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