Now that you’re gone

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I reach out to the falling stars;
Gaze upon to shape your face.
Bestow a moment – truly ours

Though learned to cope over the years;
Memories are all I’ve left to cherish.
I reach out to the falling stars.

These eyes are dim with burning tears;
The life we live is harsh and long.
Bestow a moment – truly ours

The soul is inked with fervent scars;
Blossoms do fall from trees afar
I reach out to the falling stars.

Though the emotion overpowers;
Oh! let me feel what I have lost
Bestow a moment – truly ours

She whispered softly from ear to ear;
Live untroubled from woes and fears.
I reach out to the falling stars;
Bestow a moment – truly ours



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Form: Villanelle

(Written in loving memory of my cousin Hera.)

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68 Replies to “Now that you’re gone”

  1. How hard it must be when all one has left of love is memories. But, as your poem said, a person can learn to cope…but that doesn’t erase the hopes that one had.

  2. This is very touching Sanaa ~ We learned to cope but truly some memories are ours to keep ~ I specially like this part:

    Live untroubled from woes and fears.

    And a lovely villanelle too ~ Have a good week ~

  3. The form lends a lovely flow to this poem, Sanaa. Touching, heartfelt expression. I lost a cousin who was very close to me a few years ago and also was compelled to memorialize her in poetry.

  4. A heartfelt tribute to your cousin, Sanaa. The love and memories that she left with you will live on in your heart even as you grieve her passing. I could feel the depth of your love for her in your poem.

  5. Modern waters of Love..
    opportunities for Love
    like no other age..
    a sliver of heaven
    that not
    all take advantage
    of.. and certainly
    poetry.. a vehicle
    and vessel
    to house
    ever before..
    where cousin
    Love Lives on..:)

  6. Whether we had seen them recently or hadn’t spoken for some time it is still good to write and tell them about how you feel. It may reach them and it will help you. It is so important to keep a part of them with you always. This is a beautiful tribute.

  7. I enjoyed revisiting your poem today, Sanaa! So hard to lose a cousin….I do hope somehow your beautiful poem does reach her….

  8. This is my favorite poem you have ever written. I am going to put it in my file of poems I don’t want to live without. It is a perfect form for the echoes, the recurrences, the “Oh! let me feel what I have lost
    Bestow a moment – truly ours”

    Bless you for sharing this poem and for touching my latent tears.

    1. Hello Susan,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it πŸ™‚
      Highly appreciated, lots of love πŸ™‚

      PS: Really appreciate your warm & kind words πŸ™‚

  9. “reaching our to the stars” can fill a void of time and distance placing memories in the bridge of loss and longing

    have a Happy Sunday Sanaa, thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime today

    much love…

  10. Perhaps the falling stars is how your lovely cousin is letting you know she has felt your pain and heard your words. Regret is a terrible thing. We can only learn from it and try to do better with communicating our love.

  11. I love your photograph and connect with the yearning in your poem. I also recently lost a cousin to whom I wish I had communicated more love. Comfort to you as you mourn.

  12. So sorry for your loss, Sanaa. I’m sure your beautiful words will embrace her, just as I hope the memories you have will keep you warm. Your poem is very beautiful and touching.

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