Mulberry Picking

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At dawn,
love’s unripe berries glimmer a brilliant white
the kind of color
that feels as though promises were made
in favour of it.
Dreaming only of you
I stretch out and sense using fingertips,
I await sweet nectar
and blood-red allegiance to sip.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for “Quadrille #74″ @ dVerse Pub

& on the Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads 

62 Replies to “Mulberry Picking”

  1. The sight of life’s fruit through the snow. The whiteness of snow, is that whirl of all colors.
    __ This, a humble haiku from long ago, I leave here, as I complement your fine verse. (sight / night) _m

    ice filled night
    stars seed a thought of flowers
    the green

  2. I love the change from the unripe berries that ‘glimmer a brilliant white’, pure and virginal, to the ‘blood-red allegiance’, Sanaa, and the idea of a colour that ‘feels as though promises were made’. A very sensual quadrille, especially ‘stretch out and sense using fingertips’!

  3. Ooh, how you play with colors through the motif of the berries is enchanting. So much said, so much unsaid! The finer details are well captured and the senses awakened through this reverie/experience. Wonderfully done, Sanaa!

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