Mountain of Ice

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Stalwart and tall this mountain of ice;
When I need inspiration – when I need advice
How calm! How still! Without a sound
A glimmer of something so profound.
The rising sun from peaks beyond;
When snow starts falling upon the ground.
What once was lost has now been found.
Freedom sensed among these heights;
When living on the edge of paradise.

Reserved and oblate this mountain of ice;
One which humans could not have devised.
I glanced whenever I felt the need;
Troubles and worries now slowly recede.
Forms of refuge don’t utter a price;
When living on the edge of paradise.



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Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United

38 Replies to “Mountain of Ice”

  1. It is always wonderful to find a place to escape from mundane things and just have nature as your friend and refresh yourself with the beauty of the world. A really great poem Sanaa.

  2. I am sure that a mountain of ice must be inspiring….but I would be more inspired by a warm ocean breeze. Smiles. But that’s just me.

  3. It is paradise! Those silent landscapes that feed our spirits. The rhyme in this poem makes the joy of nature ring out. Your images speak to me, though I’ve only been on a true mountain of snow once, the metaphorical one, with sun rising, is quite familiar and I can never take it for granted!

  4. I like “stalwart and tall” and “reserved and oblate” – that really captures the stature of the mountains…….there is something so austere about them. Love the photo too.

  5. Magnificent Sanaa
    So true the mountains and all its grandeur gives us paradise to behold.

    Many hugs to you sunny one!

    1. Hello Leslie,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it 😀
      Highly appreciated, lots of love 🙂

      PS: Many hugs to you too!

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