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Every night I pose before a mirror,
as though trying to form a picture.
The mirror in return gazes back at 
me spilling what seems to be inner
workings of my soul. 

Every night I pose before a mirror,
wondering, do I really see my true
emotions reflecting back. An ache 
that neither a heart or eye reveals,
is seen plain before the mirror. 

Every night I pose before a mirror,
wiping doubt away in form of tear.
Oh trembling lips and long tresses
bear witness, when words no more
convey, whether or not to love. 

Every night I pose before a mirror,
as though to remind myself to see,
what we see in the mirror, is but a 
tiny reflection of our own thoughts,
what we choose to depict, depends
entirely on us. 



Photo credits: Fine Art America

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80 Replies to “Mirrored”

  1. There is a lot of wisdom in this poem for one so young. I can picture you looking in the mirror, in the full flower of your young womanhood….so beautiful. Enjoy this passage, kiddo! Never doubt your own power and beauty. And always say yes to love! (says the old hermit!)

    1. Aww!❤️ Thank you so much, Sherry 😀 so glad you liked it!❤️ The words sort of flowed on their own as though they were waiting to be written 🙂

  2. Yes, so much of what we see in the mirror depends on us. You have “nailed” this idea, Sanaa….a mirror reflects back, perhaps, what we want to see.

  3. “The mirror in return gazes back at
    me spilling what seems to be inner
    workings of my soul. ”

    What seems, what is real, what shows in the depths of eyes and externally … Gosh. SO many questions, and yet your illustration points me elsewhere, that the mirror that the narrator looks in might not be the innocent ones that hang in our rooms, but a frame we paint ourselves. Your poem stirred me.

  4. Luv your choice of posing for the mirror. The mirror will not receive but only reflect. We ourselves are the deceivers or should we so choose the truth sayers

    Much love…

  5. Sanaa
    Colors and feelings merge like paint. The artist/poet when truly honest can learn from her work and inspire.
    What a lovely work you have penned.

    Much love (miss you)


  6. Fabulous piece!! Loved the concluding part especially, Sanaa!! Yes, we must never fear the reflection, instead use it to go deeper and deeper into the process of self-examination and self-discovery, until you discover or uncover the nature of your affliction.The mirror makes no mistakes…

  7. Oh no, the mirror tells only part of it… and maybe it’s better to trust the mirror more as decoy of what’s real.. lovely reflective piece

  8. Wow, the queue is long today, as I take my place at its tail. This is one of your best, Sanaa–really dug it. Mirrors can be pretty unfriendly too; at least mine is. But your refrains & insight take us beyond reflections to considerations about how do we appear to others, getting tangled up in perceptual webs.

  9. such beautiful words and so true, we never really see the true reflection of ourselves in the mirror, too critical of myself I know I am and sometimes even let the vision of the one standing behind me influence what I see. This was very thought provoking.

  10. Like the different layers of mental reflection you see off the mirror that slowly unravels the womanly mind — a mystery which always baffles and intrigues me.

  11. Well well. We both took a trip of reflection. I really like the sincerity and the questions posed here. Very thoughtful poem.

  12. Beautifully written Sanaa. That mirrors reflection shows only a part of us and looking at it ourselves we know deep inside how little it reveals to the outside.

  13. tiny reflection of our own thoughts,
    what we choose to depict, depends
    entirely on us.

    Very true Sanaa! It is a good way for starting off to know more of oneself!


  14. Most times when I stand in front of a mirror I feel I am meeting a stranger. Very interesting write.

    Hope you are well – have been away from Dverse a long time and seeing a lot of new faces after coming back.

  15. Provocative piece Sanaa; one that challenges our sincerity and honesty with ourselves. Mirrors will only reflect what they “see”. We, on the other hand, are capable of seeing what mirrors are simply incapable of reflecting. If we make that choice, that is. Enjoyed your piece!

  16. “what we see in the mirror, is but a
    tiny reflection of our own thoughts,
    what we choose to depict, depends
    entirely on us. ”

    Spot on!! These lines sums up the poem beautifully and hums a ditty, sanna. 🙂

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