Miles apart

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5. Comrade

We rushed ahead to board the plane; while mere sight of
rain spruced up the windows. I thought next summer we’d
return again; the shadows outside left vague innuendo.
She came and sat right next to me. Trepidation etched her
lovely face; she pursued the path ahead in fear.

I held her hand as to efface; to go by me with wistful grace.
Travelers we but roam and rave; between paths and lanes
round cacao trees. As such the plane at last did land; she let
her heart sigh out with ease. Adventure filled our mind and
soul; carried aloft on wings of breeze.

Her image nestles close at heart;
Though we lived but miles apart.



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  1. One of the issues of travel and more so vacations. That tug atvthe heart when we have to part with newly found friends

    Thanks for linking up at my Sunday Lime Sanaa

    Much love…

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