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I wept not, so to stone within I grew — Dante Alighieri

An innocent quest led me deeper into faith
as lucid his emotions swept me like the wind.
Oh! I defy shades of neutral can not act detached
cruel are those who opt to injustice avert their eyes.
The sky above glimmered trace of merlot red
I observe, heartbroken, as ran his solemn tears.



Photo credits: Jolygram

Posted on Midweek Motif @ Poets United

20 Replies to “middle-of-road”

  1. Wow! In all the settings I imagine this occuring, I feel the clash of obstinate otherness. Beautiful! The Dante quote shows the cost of the stance of neutrality. I think, in a way, we wrote about the same thing.

  2. What is right, just and fair appears to be far from those that have power and clearly it is not only those that suffer that weep tears. What a powerful poem this is Sanaa.

  3. Oh! I defy shades of neutral — cannot act detached

    Yes, one can’t expect to give way too much and too often. Remaining neutral is a position of weakness!


  4. Taking a risk, challenging the stagnant, anything, but remaining neutral is what I understand from your poem, Sanaa, similar to sitting on the fence. Not sure, if that’s what you intended.


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