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In the bottom of the sea;
Lies the phenomenal reverie.
A mermaid piercing  the ocean;
Pledging to be free.

The mermaid’s hair;
Swirling like ripples of water.
Beauty oh so perilous;
Heaping pile of slaughter.

Upon reaching the surface;
A mildly peculiar land.
Approaching of a Sailor;
Extending out a hand.

The Sailor wishing to hunt;
The mermaid’s peaceful life.
To capture and to take;
As a lawfully wedded wife.

Knowing the sailor’s lust;
The cause of all the fuss.
The mermaid gaining trust;
Made him bite the dust.

In the bottom of the sea;
Lies the phenomenal reverie.
A mermaid piercing the ocean;
Pledging to be free.


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Posted for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United

64 Replies to “Mermaid”

    1. Hello Leslie,

      Thank you so much sweetheart 😀
      So glad you liked it! 😀
      Highly appreciated!

  1. Oh that mermaids are real…or perhaps they are?

    (I didn’t see your link at Poets United…though I saw your comment. Perhaps try linking again.)

    1. Hello Mary,

      Thank you so much! Just found the widget and linked the poem 😀
      Highly appreciated! 😀

    1. Hello Claireylove,

      Thank you so much! 😀 So glad you liked it dear 🙂
      Highly appreciated! 😀

  2. Amazing…
    Its True something Is not for someone…
    The Mermaid (No Selfishness, No Cruel, No dodge) She was simple and Beautiful…
    She never belonged to the Sailor…
    Touchy Story……”H”

  3. what a really lovely animation, ejoyed it as much as reading your poem

    it would be an awful shame to have to lose her mermaid-ness for the love of a landlubber;

    have a Happy Easter, thank you fro dropping in at my Sunday Lime

    much love…

    1. Hello Gillena,

      Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it 😀
      Highly appreciated!
      Happy Easter 🙂


  4. The poem flows like a sea. Whoever made the idea about mermaids should be honored. One of the most interesting fantasy creatures.

    Happy Easter

  5. Such a mysterious character you have told so nicely here. I’m glad she didn’t trade the ocean for a different fate in the land. I like your rhymes that easily flow in here line after line. Happy Easter to you & yours!

  6. Mermaids are such fascinations. It fulfills the cravings of those lonely sailors hoping to spy one in the oceans. Your poem has an even flow – beautifully done Sanaa!


  7. We don’t typically think of the mermaid’s beauty as perilous….I like your take on this and the way she protected herself instead of just naively falling prey to the sailor’s lust. Great 🙂

  8. Ouch…!! Poor sailor….Beautifully done, Sanna!!Legends of sea serpents and the alluring mermaids still fascinate me… 🙂

    1. Hello Stacy,

      So glad you liked it, deep-sea diving sounds like fun 😀
      Thanks for stopping by love 🙂

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