Knowing resistance: would that the heart leapt further

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in a manner of deprecating one’s worth
is a dangerous thing, 
where is poetry 
that puts uncertainty to sleep?

Wisps of ache and ephemeral clouds 
make their way into the passageway 
of my heart 
must we adhere to limitations 
set by society and fall apart? 
where is poetry 
that rebels and soars with careless wings? 

I am hope, I am song 
as silent kiss of dawn that awakens desire 
which has been asleep for too long,
mine is the poetry 
that echoes endless descriptions of growth,
of change that looks past hesitation
in attempt to run
undaunted through autumn fields

as dreams rush forth in bloom and breath.  


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60 Replies to “Knowing resistance: would that the heart leapt further”

  1. I feel like quoting so many bits of this poem, and the entire last stanza. That stanza might be my favorite bit of writing from you, EVER. There is a kind of force in that is all you–gentle, sweet, strong in ways that might surprise anyone who doesn’t pay attention. Oh, yes, yours ” the poetry / that echoes endless descriptions of growth / of change that looks past hesitation”.

  2. I like how you turn your musings of the 2 first stanzas into a crescendo in the third stanza… there is a bubbling energy as if you cannot really resist the poetry…

  3. To be undervalued, to be ridiculed, scorned to be shredded for being something that doesn’t conform –
    and to refuse – to follow the heart, to know inner strength, to turn time and time again, despite the rush of tears … to choose love – to revel in its open embrace and light – that speaks volumes in the face of all who fear.

    And is there not truth in beauty in this? However it manifests – so may it be.

    lovely interpretation of the prompt Sanaa ~ and somehow, I would expect nothing less than your response, and how you turn it all to something very positive, and encouraging as it all comes to its culmination in the 3rd stanza ~ 🙂

  4. Oh Sanaa! This is stellar writing! I agree with Magaly: it is hard to pick out individual phrases and lines. The final stanza is complete on its own. I like the resistance in the line 'I am hope, I am song', which reminds me of a song by Eddie James, and the Sleeping Beauty kiss of dawn..

  5. yes you break out beautifully in the end – battering resistance but I also love the wistful side of the first lines
    where is poetry
    that puts uncertainty to sleep?

    this poem reminds me of a butterfly caught behind a window pane before it finds the opening

  6. Oh, that is a lovely response to the prompt. The questioning demand and its resulting need to know works so well here. And how you’ve structured it in this form, where the final stanza becomes a resounding voice of resistance and hope, is admirable.
    I loved this bit: “mine is the poetry/that echoes endless descriptions of growth,/of change that looks past hesitation”.

  7. So many beautiful lines. I love the idea of dreams rushing forth in bloom and breath! I agree with others – this is a stellar poem~

  8. Whenever I come to visit here, I do so with such expectation Sanaa and once again you haven’t let me down… A beautifully lyrical write artfully sustained throughout. Truly delightful and memorable writing. Your spirit shines through so clearly here…

  9. The line “Where is poetry //that puts uncertainty to sleep?” just catches me for the rest of the poem and is one of my favorite lines. The entire poem is wonderful. 🙂

  10. “where is poetry
    that rebels and soars with careless wings? ”

    Yes indeed the questions asked are the source of understanding for the muse

    Happy you dropped by my Sumi-e Sunday today Sanaa

    much love…

  11. ‘must we adhere to limitations
    set by society and fall apart? ‘ – an awesome line.

    The question: ‘where is poetry’ – ultimately answered the words: ‘mine is the poetry ‘ – is impactful and satisfying. Some awesome writing in this!

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