Journey of Life

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It struck me as odd that in journey of life;
our true strength 
often rises when we are

at our weakest point. Night blooms soft as
sun swells up and sinks with faint caress.
These moments rare with such thoughts
then I did cherish.



Form: Quadrille

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56 Replies to “Journey of Life”

  1. I think that you will find, as I have, that the greatest lessons I learned in lived were those learned during times of the greatest hardship. No doubt, you’ve already found this to be true but as life goes on it is painted in strokes of the boldest color.

  2. I believe that we learn more about ourselves during the times of crises and weakness. Lovely shot as well Sanaa. Thanks for supporting us and wishing you a good week.

  3. At our weakest time the inner self can be so strong, and sometimes strong enough, with time, to blossom into something wonderful. I really liked this Sanaa

    1. Hello Julian,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it ?
      Highly appreciated, have a great week ahead.

  4. Ttrue.. my friEnd
    thaT A bLackest
    wHole of perspective
    can bRing A bRightest
    bulb of hUman Hope and Love..
    for when one has gOne
    tHere and escapes
    as hUman
    iN us as far
    as i FeeL a way
    out mUst bE
    shaRed as Love
    oF liVing liFE aS liGht..:)

  5. When we’re too weak to go on something whispers to just try one more time and that’s when it comes together! Love it!!

  6. I sure can relate to that and it is an interesting thing too. We seem to rise to the occasion when we are tested.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Strength rises in times of weakness — this can be so very true. And it also makes me think of partners — spouses — who lean on each other in times of need. One stands tall when the other lists…

  8. PS: I have ALWAYS wanted to tell you how I LOVE the title of your blog: a dash of sunny — because that is truly what you give! I LOVE seeing your hearts in your replies. Always makes me smile — that dash of sunny!

  9. Wonderful! It is true, that in our lowest points, we show our true character by the way we react. I love the line … Night blooms soft… 🙂

  10. This is so beautiful, Sanaa with reflection and wonder in your words. Perhaps we find our greatest strength to shine in those moments when our only other choice is to fade.

    1. Hello Adcitlali,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it ?
      Highly appreciated, have a great week ahead.

  11. our true strength often rises
    when we are at our weakest point

    Our resolve can muster the strength to counter any adverse situations. Life’s journey is a struggle to survive with lots of hope. Powerful words Sanaa!


  12. And thank goodness for those glorious moments. They are what keeps us going when life gets tough enough to threaten to break our backs.

    Love that this reads like a thought-filled sigh…

  13. When we are our weakest, we find strength that we thought we didn’t have, it is called the human will or our ability to transcend. A reminder to enjoy the special moments in life.

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