It takes two seconds

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for starting a conversation,
feel it
coursing through,
the rush of sugar
maneuvering my senses.

paint me a new horizon

it’s so practical to move on
and pretend
there was no argument.

A tattered journal and wearied smile,
it takes two seconds
figure out
that you have stayed
up all night.

My mind
is disrupted by the graze of your tongue,
the way the rain
leaves a lingering impression
on the damp dirt.

It takes two seconds
to figure
out truth was really a lie,
when you turn your face
the shuddering sky.


Photo credits: Unsplash

Posted for “Poems in April” @ Real Toads

& on the “poetry pantry” @ Poets United 

58 Replies to “It takes two seconds”

  1. Two seconds to reach a certain realization.. one that has perhaps evaded consciousness for too long. This is such a meaningful piece, Sanaa.

  2. Ahhhh. Perfectly obvious you’ve stayed up all night! I love this. Maybe the photo is influencing me but that cafe feel is really strong in this and I covet being there, having conversations like this after all-nighters, even if they’re tough ones.

  3. Ah yes, two seconds such a short space of time, but can seem an eternity as the realization dawns….

    It takes two seconds to figure
    out truth was really a lie when
    you turn your face towards the
    shuddering sky.

    Well crafted, Sanaa

  4. I really love the third stanza – it just brings it all to a shuddering stop – 2 seconds held in the palm, a breath – which makes the proceeding and ending come together so neatly.
    wonderful piece Sanaa

  5. Ah, it really just takes that little a time to realize and make a decision. And these two seconds are often ignored, and their passing can leave a trace of a lingering sadness. So well put, Sanaa, in a very thoughtful and kind manner.
    I loved this bit: “Come,/paint me a new horizon/it’s so practical to move on/and pretend/there was no argument.” <3

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