Inside a criminal mind

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Like a cutting knife, words can pierce the skin
they go back and forth in your mind
Oh, gloom and vengeance whisper within
urging blood to pour out of your veins
like negligence words can pierce the skin
Autumn, a flurry of browns, oranges and reds
a source for when idle and dark hours begin
Oh soft, unwilling flesh and deepening moans           
with lips writhed into contumelious grin
and contempt searing in a gaze beneath mine
Like a bullet, words can pierce the skin


Photo credits: Self-Portrait – El Lissitzky

Form: The Fold

Posted for “Poems in April” @ Real Toads

Posted on Poetry Pantry @ Poets United

48 Replies to “Inside a criminal mind”

  1. 🤤OMG Sanaa this is a definite YES to the requirement for today’s prompt
    Had to look up ‘contumelious’ thank you for adding to my vocabulary a new word


  2. What you say is so true, words can be very destructive, more than we sometimes realize. A strong and powerful write 🙂 A difficult form which you’ve definitely conquered 🙂

  3. Words can definitely pierce the skin & hurt deeply. I like the flow of your poem, how the first line ALMOST repeated in the final line – how it drove the point home!

  4. Indeed, I’m pretty sure that when they say that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, they are speaking of words sharp enough to maim the one they are intended for as they destroy the one wielding them. No one is really safe around unnecessarily cutting words. Eventually, everyone touched by them will lose bits of themselves.

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