In The Midst Of Dark, Ominous Woods

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I came across a moth
whispering confessions
in the midst of dark,
ominous woods
where even the softest susurration of leaves
is known to instill fear.
I breathe
taking in the scene before me
and felt as though a burden had been lifted
from me;
in its brilliance I found respite
never meant 
to flee.


Photo credits: Luke Ink Art

Posted for Art Flash 55 @ Real Toads


26 Replies to “In The Midst Of Dark, Ominous Woods”

  1. You so perfectly sum up the pictured moment – the moth seems almost threatening but the woman faces its beauty with naked courage. You have seen a story and conveyed it perfectly in 55 words.

    1. Awww gosh! ❤️ Thank you so much, Kerry 😀 so glad you liked it! ❤️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt) 🌹

  2. A stunning 55, Sanaa! I love the idea of a moth whispering confessions and the way you’ve captured that sound in the word ‘whispering’ and in ‘the softest susurration of leaves’.

  3. I really like the title, so perfectly Sanaa. Even more, I love that a place/thing that could be easily frightening ended up providing relief. Magic happens when we live not in our (or someone else’s) expectations.

  4. I really love this… I can really see the comfort she ‘s been given by the moth… this could be part of a bigger fairy tale of a girl who has to go through all those challenges to be happy ever after.

  5. Despite the dark imagery, the feeling of relief is so tender. Your words take mythical proportions in such hints at these two pivotal characters of this fable. Lovely!

  6. a wonderfully evocative opening line- it totally wraps us up and pulls us in, – moths have that frightfully delightful aspect- whispering confessions is so apt- perfectly snagged Sanaa- and then as others have noted, we watch and wait, and then walk into the soft rustling, for fascination – and it’s just a wonderful story here – very well done in 55! Very atmospheric and ambient lit for the path chosen, softly cast.

  7. “I came across a moth
    whispering confessions”

    Such a creative opening. I guess all that white made us both think of confessing.

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