I guess it wasn’t entirely unexpected;
the brilliant pearls of afterglow that sit as though cushioned
upon unadulterated mauve,
dusk arrives to bring us moonlight,
a time for quiet contemplation as the heart aligns
with mind—
I am sorry, I cannot save the world from what it has become;
waves of unexplained anxiety,
but I can promise you this,
I will adore the sweet hallow of your throat until
you slide into sleep;
hear you, calling me with your mind when you least expect it,
for while there is suffering, every soul out there
is battered,
somewhat like browning leaves – they have so little

to hold on to.
I am almost always in control,
of what goes on around me, of course, but particularly of myself—
but as of tonight,
I am taut, stretched, savage and urgent,
there is a moment when we realize,
when we know, when we understand; when suddenly
it all becomes clear
and everything changes— and I revel in the heat,
in the sacred mound of your sex;
all these thoughts
have your name upon them,

I guess it wasn’t entirely unexpected.



Photo credits: Richard Blunt Artwork, Pinterest

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