Decision is a shower gel that’s reminiscent of roses
and citrus fruit; mildly sweet,
catching rays of sunshine from a small window in the restroom,
while I stand in the midst of it all, humming lyrics
hopelessly crafted from snippets of lyrics (inspired from Pearl Jam,
Jane’s addiction and Oasis) that reside within my IPod.
Is there any reason as to why it should feel so wholesome,
when water comes in contact with the inner-workings of the mind,
or why silence carries as much meaning?
I am slipping, stepping subconsciously through the hustle and bustle of city,
earnestness glued to the tip of each hair
on my head, cut and styled and put into place—the truth bubbling out
from behind mulberry painted lips.
Somebody once told me, how she was captivated with photographs,
how deeply satisfying it was for her to capture a picture perfect portrait
of a moment, a memory or even a mortal merely
through the lens of her camera—and before now I never truly grasped,
never truly understood what she meant by it.
If you can read this,
have you ever wondered just how you managed to get this far?
It’s not every day that we get to question the complexities of human nature,
get to analyze what wild words are sung by the birds,
and exactly what odes are written to the failed politicians of the past—
I like to imagine that I have a tough exterior, so that I may take on challenges,
everyone wants to be the flower
but nobody, literally nobody wants to play the role of its vase;
because it’s ridiculous, why be something else?
There is much to be said about how bitter grief tastes, like sepia-tinged clouds;
I like to imagine that a day will come when verses will succeed
to make a difference in the world, a slightly less obscure period and place,
that’s probably not so far off—for now let us fill limbs and bones
with stardust because life is a sacred journey;
it’s all hypothetical and I have been in the shower for what seems like a week.





Photo credits: Heidi Kaden, ‘Filled mug on brown wooden bathtub,” Unsplash

This poem is inspired by the title of Joke Squad’s book (Volume 1 of 10) of the same name 🥠

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