How we forget

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relationship difficulties

The things we do often reflect;
The trace of pleasure or regret.
The lure of false facts and knowledge;
Prove more dangerous than ignorance.
As long as we are kind and humble;
No loss on earth can make us stumble.
For light does shine at end of tunnel.
Our countless wounds that pay no debt;
How we remember – how we forget.

We tend to waste our lives in friction;
When it could turn into momentum.
To sensible men – each day’s of reckoning;
The storm is past – the rest is beckoning.
May there at length our hopes beget;
How we remember – how we forget.


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Form: Rondeau

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72 Replies to “How we forget”

  1. How true that false facts can prove to be more dangerous than ignorance ~ A lot of lives have been lost due to acting in those false facts~

    A lovely rondeau Sanaa ~ I specially like the wisdom in these lines:
    Our countless wounds that pay no debt;
    How we remember – how we forget.
    We tend to waste our lives in friction;

    Thanks for joining D’verse Poetics ~

    Have a good week ~

  2. Nice. I like the second stanza. The first two lines say much, how we get embroiled in friction and conflict, wasting valuable energy that could be put toward something more productive.

    So true in how we get sucked into false facts as well, and form our opinions based on them.

      1. On this read I will say it is how enamored we are with false facts and knowledge the jumped out at me. We are in the information age – we trade in knowledge – and we accept what people put out there on the internet as gospel. Kinda scary.

  3. We are force-fed falsehoods, manipulated, other directed, & forced to capitulate by those same elected officials we endeavored, beyond our better judgement, to believe–one more time we sent a young politician into the halls of graft & pork & pharmaceuticals, & watched him get trained by the senior members on how to line his own pockets & still get re-elected.

  4. So true that false facts are more dangerous than ignorance; and there surely are a lot of false ‘facts’ floating around right now! I enjoyed your rondeau.

  5. How true, there’s always so much wasted on that friction .. Remembering what should be forgotten, forgetting or remembering the false facts…

  6. Oh.. wheels of light
    dark circle ’round
    body.. soul..

    Oh.. times now..
    time now.. present
    now.. remember Light

    Forget darkness
    sinKing brighTest
    Life challenge dead..

    Remember Now
    OnLY Time A head
    heArt HAnd NOW..:)

  7. A beautiful piece of wisdom.

    “As long as we are kind and humble;
    No loss on earth can make us stumble.”

    We have the capability and it is simpler than we think to prevent sorrow and senselessness.

  8. I enjoyed the revisiting of your poem today, Sanaa! Sometimes the false facts are more abundant than truth; and sadly many do not see the difference. Always good to see you!

    1. Hello Mary,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it πŸ™‚
      Highly appreciated, lots of love πŸ˜€

      PS: Always nice to see you too πŸ™‚

  9. I do wonder if we face more false facts in the present than we construct in memory? Truly, my memory brightens the goods and distorts the bads–it is very self-serving. And as you say, that can be more harmful than reality. I like that you made me think of that with the insistent refrain of this form.

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