How to detect a lie

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The colour of a lie is devastating amber;
it towers and casts a shadow above everything that’s pureβ€”
the dead won’t wake
their eyes tightly shut and tongues disbudded as carnations;
a lie cuts through an unsteady substructure,
and I wonder if they can hear from below the ground?
It continues to swirl around,
to exist as bad apples excuseβ€” can you feel its touch?
Its icy beginnings
and peppered endings have more than a bite to them;
they shut out the light of reason.
A lie is a world reduced to ash, pebble and shattered warmth;
yet, it’s beautiful and well thought out.





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Day Thirteen ~ 13 Is Poetry

Skylover Wordlist: Lie πŸ’

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22 Replies to “How to detect a lie”

  1. Lies certainly set fire to all things, particularly to themselves (eventually).

    I really like the vivid descriptions you’ve written into this one, Sanaa. The bit Rosemary quoted is still dancing in my head.

  2. I, too, like your vivid descriptions, the anatomy of lies so to speak. And, yes, they can be β€œ beautiful and well thought out.” πŸ‘β£οΈπŸ™

  3. I particularly loved the ending… how we really wish that those lies were true… but a lie is amber burning everything to ash.

  4. I always tell folk that a lie, if not done with intent to hurt or done with malice, and especially a “white lie”, is not a sin.
    I stir up a lot.
    Do you know turn signals are also Amber? As the other driver those also should not be trusted.
    Nice write, Sanaa, I enjoyed its reading.

  5. Oh in these days of “fake news” and a president who tells half-truths and manipulates facts and downright lies….these lines resonate with me:
    “Its icy beginnings
    and peppered endings have more than a bite to them;
    they shut out the light of reason.”

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