How it feels nearing the end of the world

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this all consuming apocalypse
which sought to devour around hour
of early black,
what worth is wisdom
if we cannot learn to let go of things?
This desire of yours
is both lock and key
as petals of crocus
which fold in gold lidded sleep,
I feel no guilt
in admitting to strange addiction.


Photo credits:Β  Lines Meeting, Pierre Dubreuil

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52 Replies to “How it feels nearing the end of the world”

  1. This is just brilliant, Sanaa. One of your best. each sentence is so well-constructed. A gem of wisdom in 55 words.

  2. The double edged sword of passion… the shackles we tie to ourselves.. to be burdened with sweetness … a very good poem

  3. Ooh, quite a delectable phrasing in this one β€” the sweet addiction makes it worthwhile β€” no admittance of guilt made me smile. I really enjoyed the spirit here. As I mentioned on insta too, I loved this phrasing in particular: “as petals of crocus/which fold in gold lidded sleep”.

  4. So true that we cannot learn to let go of things. A desire being both lock and key is an intriguing concept and one to ponder!

  5. I would like to learn the wisdom of letting go of things. Instead, I accumulate more and more. Woe is me!

  6. “This desire of yours
    is both lock and key ”

    my favourite image of your poem Sanaa. Its strikes a chord of choice , passion and excesses

    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today

    much love…

  7. Addictions even love, can be dangerous, especially if the other doesn’t feel quite the same. The lock and key may take on a new meaning. Who really holds the key I wonder?

  8. what dangerous addiction, Sanaa. who is holding the key though?
    stunning little poem, elegantly constructed. and i really loved the title. πŸ™‚

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