All we ever hear about is how beauty beguiles; 
how it alludes darkly  
to other reasons and makes one lose  
their footing, 

but what I feel is that beauty is subjective, 
is deeper than surface level. 

So many examples to choose from and yet 
the only thing that comes to mind 
is how beauty lies in the smallest of details–  

a reddening sun and a person’s smile,  
there is no mistaking it, 
it is as plain as truth and as vivid as memories 
that enter the mind. 

In any context, we are told that beauty leaves 
one tongue-tied, is fast paced  
and withers with time,  
it is ephemeral and blossoms like a rose. But  
humor me this, 

doesn’t beauty allow one to find her in most 
unimaginable of circumstances– 
we write so much about softer side that 
we forget that beauty  

also caters to those who persevere, 
hidden scars that speak of ache and process 
of healing,  
there is beauty in emerging from less than  
fortunate situations and starting fresh. 

How beauty is perceived depends entirely  
on the individual, 
it cannot be confined to a single sentence. 




Photo credits: Pinterest 

For my prompt at dVerse where I invite others to write inspired by Maggie Smith 🩷

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