Hour after feeling sets in

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September clouds shyly smile, descend
as season shifts from green to gold 
bathing anguished land in hope, 
it begins with whisper 
eliciting dreams 
from rustling leaves
I can hear 
the wind


Photo credits: Pinterest 

Form: Nonet 

Posted on Sunday Mini-Challenge @ Real Toads


& Posted on the poetry pantry @ Poets United 

62 Replies to “Hour after feeling sets in”

  1. This brought such a smile to my face. Echoed exactly my sentiment on this early fall day. I love how you incorporated the music, from “whisper
    eliciting dreams
    from rustling leaves” to hearing the wind sing.

  2. Lovely, how the change of season and mood is captured in this verse. I like the s-sounds and that alliteration in the beginning; it makes it sonorous like the wind song.
    I loved the idea of “bathing anguished land in hope”. Very well-penned.

  3. I love your time for shifting from green to gold, Sanaa. We don’t get that here in Houston. Makes me miss the Midwest, New England, and London.

  4. You have captured the seasonal change with an insightful pen. Lovely capture. I am trying to hang on to summer as long as I can. Autumn has beauty, but it is a short season, as once the leaves fall there is a long bareness.

  5. Oh, I wish I could feel a cool wind and see the bright colors of fall. Here is it hot, rainy, and a yearning for this most difficult summer to surrender to autumn. You have written such a beautiful piece.

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