(holding on to) hope

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It’s difficult to hold on to hope. Difficult still,
when our heart is broken repeatedly by ones
whom we held dear. A single tear conjures a
fervent storm, one which destroys every last 
shred until we can not cope.

I beg my heart be still, listen to river around
you, hear murmuring increase parallel to the
sound of heartbeat. I hold onto hope in form
of autumnal leaf feeling its color and texture
fade, knowing that soon, it shall rejuvenate.

I lay my head down, resting, beneath indigo
skies, my lone companion being a luminous
moon. I whisper secrets to him, although he
can not comprehend. I hold onto to hope in
times when there’s scarcely a friend.

Because I believe nature is truly consistent,
welcome days that arrive with a golden sun.
It reminds us that, there is a light in the sea
of darkness, it reminds us, to abstain, from 
few bad apples. 

With each passing day, I walk with nature
by my side.



Photo credits: hdimagelib.com

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54 Replies to “(holding on to) hope”

  1. Sanaa, I think this is my all-time favourite of your poems, because I can hear your voice so clearly here. I especially can see you whispering to the moon, can feel your aloneness under the sky, yet with nature as your companion. Your poem really speaks to my heart.

  2. Yes, learn to discern those bad apples. A nice poem, Saana, yours looked for hope. Mine is without hope although I don’t say it.
    Some good apples, though, do rot. Happened with my former “cherished”.

  3. This is very gentle lie hope whispering on the wind..i love the moon as he and i think he hears you.

  4. Yes, we should continue to hold onto hope especially in difficult times … nature sets the example for that perfect peace that seems to elude the rest of the world. Beautifully written.

  5. Your words touch me deeply as they seems to speak to me in multiple layers. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. I had to read it twice to truly feel the words.

  6. Indeed, I think it is true. One of the best ways to keep one’s hope is to experience nature which never gives up hope! An inspiring poem, Sanaa.

  7. Nature is a loyal companion for sure, though one might wish for less moments of heartbreak to compel us into the arms of this friend. I have found other humans wandering in these infinite spaces, and you are one of them.

  8. Some think that to heal a broken heart you must replace old love with new. But you’ve given the truly perfect remedy – walk in nature. Beautiful poem Sanaa.

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