40 Replies to “Haiku – Snowfall”

  1. A nice and subtle haiku, and about something of which I never want to see again for quite some time. Snow is too much for me where I live.

  2. Brings too mind another epic snow, Sanaa. In 1949 the snow was so high that my father had to walk out an upstairs window and walk out on another roof to be on the top of the snow to get down to the sidewalk by shoveling.
    I have your interview opened up but we just got a call. I have to change shoes and get to the hospital. I have just become a great-grandfather again. 🙂
    I will return.

    1. Hello Jim,

      Congratulations! 😀 Thats so wonderful! I am very happy for you and your family 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked my poem 🙂

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it dear 🙂
      Highly appreciated! Lots of love

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