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Dispassionate her breath a promise made
Echo: Maid
Combed woodlands cold to hunt for prey
Echo: Pray

Soon she found some off-course at night
Echo: Knight
On a path where men with maidens meet
Echo: Meat

Their cries were drowned on desolate sea
Echo: See
She-devil on the prowl had heart of steel
Echo: Steal

The tales traveling north loitered on stairs
Echo: Stare
Spills dolor and dread thru sound and sight
Echo: Site

A word of caution to the wise who mourn
Echo: Morn
Dare depart not dead with hate and scorn
Echo: born

Halloween where ghouls and spirits reel
Echo: Real
Near brume and shadows moan and wait
Echo: Weight

Photo credits: Live Science

Form: Echo Verse

Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Pub


For my prompt “A million years howl when voices whisper
among the trees – Halloween Special on Friday 8 am EDT

Poems written on Prompt Nights 


36 Replies to “Ghost”

  1. Oh, Sanaa, I love this poem! It’s spooky and just right for Halloween. The echo part I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it, and it is awesome! 🙂

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