Ghost Town

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I, gaze towards the cold and desolate moon,
listen to whispers wafted by lingering wind.
Scattering sweet visions lead round a street,
I, couldn’t decide whether feeling or dream.

And though love wore mask of drifting mist,
I, reached out and offered unwavering hand.
My heart is a ghost town, like a rose in sand.



Photo credits: Pixabay

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44 Replies to “Ghost Town”

  1. My heart is a ghost town, love often leaves us feeling empty, I wonder can a rose bloom in sand. Is it strong enough to withstand the droughts of life?

  2. Whew – this poem blew me away with its imagery. I can picture the heart as a ghost town, a rose in sand. Chilling.

  3. Ooh, I like the way this speaks to the idea of taking a risk in spite of the odds…putting oneself out there (albeit unwaveringly) even in the face of love masked like a mist. Wonderful.

  4. Your vivid imagery reminds each of us of the chances we all must take while living our lives as fully as possible. I love the photo,


  5. The ghost land heart. I would have liked to know how you were feeling and what you were thinking when you wrote that. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Jim 🙂 so glad you enjoyed it ❤️

      (I went for the optional plus, hence the poem)

  6. Excellent setting of mood and place in the mist of both–“feeling or dream?”–resolving into a surprising identification one’s own heart as the ghost town. Which suggest that we don’t find ghost towns, they feel us. Excellent ending metaphor for that.

  7. What I liked about the poem was that despite the speaker’s uncertainty, she still held out her hand – that speaks of trust and love.

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