Funny bone

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M’lady I fancy one with a funny bone
She pouted and pursed  her ruby lips
Humor danced amid periwinkle skies
In form of a fish with cobalteous fins
Alas! angel roamed and angel moped
Beyond zenith and rhambangle slope
‘Oh comely, dishy, snarfdiffanous fish
grant slightly rouge, licentious wish’

Bemused, humor finally shed its fins
Tickled by angel’s lalamilty and plight
Soon sky turned shade of incense grey
She twirls in hope of fetching her prey
He dropped his bottle of merlot wine
Gaped at one who blemished his sight
Duped by humor angel’s now blobfish



Photo credits: Mayhem & Muse

(A fantasy and surrealist painting by James Christensen of an angel following a flying fish)

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60 Replies to “Funny bone”

  1. There is a neat sort of surrealism to this piece. It reminds of terrain encountered in dreams, and makes me want to examine the strange but shiny jewels of imagery you’ve created.

  2. There is such a wonderful fun in this that makes me think of Lewis Carroll.. almost expect a walrus and a carpenter coming around.

  3. Always look forward to coming here, Sanaa – but wasn’t quite expecting this – quite a flight of fancy and, as Bjorn has said – somewhat reminiscent of Lewis Carroll – Terrific!

  4. It does sound like a fairy tale! Your word choices are beautifully lyrical and the imagery is stunning. Happy holidays, Sanaa. ?

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