From dusk till dawn

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I watch as skies above blush o’ shade of
tangerine red, as wary eyelids droop and
through tedious night are swept. In still-
ness and certitude my heart assuaged, 
deep midnight fields of woe; I smile as
dawn of thousand dreams (unspoken)
revive and rejuvenate.



Photo credits: FansShare

Posted for Quadrille 25 @ dVerse Pub

and on Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads 

48 Replies to “From dusk till dawn”

  1. You have a way with words, Sanaa.❤️ At first, I thought I'd be reading a horror-themed piece (based on the movie, From Dusk Till Dawn) but I found beautiful, sweet piece instead..

  2. Indeed to be thankful for the gift of sleep with dreams the balm of reviving hope
    “as wary eyelids droop”

    Enjoyed this tender serene piece Sanaa

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine

    Much love…

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