Fragments of an era lost in the mists of time

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Night was elongation of berry-red urge
and desire,
carrying your words like wisps of clouds–
I watch as they mouth your name
and paint
every emotion that has ever erupted within me
in raisin black.
I have been halved and cored,
held on to every thought
as you kiss my lips
while they retort–

my torment is one of freckles upon blood oranges,
their vital force
pulled apart
so that cloying would last; would last.



Photo credits: Thomas Saliot, Pinterest

β€œI have been halved and cored,” from Perennial by Kerry O’ Conner ❀️

Posted for Weekend Mini-Challenge: 13 Poetic bits of kerry @ Real Toads

64 Replies to “Fragments of an era lost in the mists of time”

  1. This is a deeply passionate poem, Sanaa. The image of fruit gives me associations of both ripeness and decay, the yin and yang of relationships. It is wonderful to see my line in your poem but your own words affect me more:

    their vital force
    pulled apart so that cloying would last

  2. This is so good, Sana’a. So good.

    What fabulously creative phrasing’s:

    β€œelongation of berry-red urge”

    β€œevery emotion that has ever erupted within me
    in raisin black”

    β€œmy torment is one of freckles upon blood oranges”

    The rhyme throughout is excellent.

  3. I don’t often use the word “organic” to describe a poem, but the terms was the first thing that came to mind when I read this one. This poem is alive, fighting with lips, watching the world and recording its feels, it’s being cut but continues to be whole. The end, in particular, that final bit of repetition “would last; would last” sticks to the chest walls… and lingers.

    1. Thank you so much, Magaly πŸ˜€ so glad the poem resonated with you πŸ“β€οΈ

      (and thank you for the glorious prompt) 🌹

  4. I love how you’ve taken Magaly’s thirteen bits and turned them into fragments of an era, Sanaa, as well as the fruitiness you have imbued in your poem: the colourful β€˜berry-red urge and desire’, β€˜raisin black’ and the β€˜freckles upon blood oranges’; and the passion in being halved and cored.

  5. What a fruity piece of poetry Sanaa! How we always want to have each pleasure last a little longer, forgetting that desiring something is often more satisfactory than achieving it only to find you are empty again!

  6. Sappho was the first poet of desire, measuring Eros at the ends of arousal — O that a touch could halve and core a longing , that torment could be so delicate and wild at once, filling all the sails with gorgeous abandon. Lovely work Sanaa.

  7. The duplicity of sensuous love is well evoked, the fire the passion the sweetness and the letting go
    Happy Sunday, thanks for dropping by my blog today


  8. Beautifully, richly passionate and visceral, as ever, my dear Sanaa – I especially like the notion of: “freckles upon blood oranges…” and the use of “raisin black” Beautiful and inspiring writing…

  9. “Night was elongation of berry-red urge and desire” Goodness, from your very first line I was captivated. You have written so well of the bite romance hold when it is in the throes of darkness. I have so loved watching you grow into such a talented poet.

  10. Something in this made me think of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly”. This poem is incredibly visceral. I love the images of fruit – ripe and coming apart. “I have been halved and cored” is a wonderful line!

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