Forever is a feeling misunderstood

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Desire is the glimmering light in the distance
that beckons
to the Poet in me,
what if September clouds 
lead away from pain and misery?

In the hush of dawn 
a prayer escapes from trembling lips,
would life be easier 
if we were to breathe 
and live each moment as it comes?
How is it that when we’re alone 
aware of the touch of despair
and blind 
to the whisper of hope?

Between you and me, 
if I were to lay my heart 
in the sanctuary of your palm
would you adhere 
to thoughts blurted out 
from discouraged alleyways 
and corridors?

This twilight we will share
stare moodiness in the face 
and brush away 
dark ideas unresolved, unwanted
so what if the moon has no intention 
of keeping promises,
conviction is somewhere between chaos
and finding strength within. 


Photo credits: Jen. P Unsplash 

Posted for ‘Midweek Motif’ @ Poets United 

Posted on Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads 

50 Replies to “Forever is a feeling misunderstood”

    lead away from pain and misery?”
    and I know that the heart will not be going into the palm. Instead the speaker will find the “strength within.” Strong writing!

    1. Awww gosh! ❤️ Thank you so much, Susan 😀 so glad you liked it! ❤️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt)

  2. I agree with Sherry: Oh, those closing lines!

    “so what if the moon has no intention
    of keeping promises,
    conviction is somewhere between chaos
    and finding strength within. ”

    Beautiful write, Sanaa!

  3. Finding strength within is so significant along with keeping a balance between hope and despair — there’s this silent power in your verse, and in your questions that carry the weight of such thoughts.
    I love this bit: “what if September clouds/lead away from pain and misery?”
    Thoughtful penmanship, Sanaa. It’s the wisdom that may not be so pleasant but that’s where the crux of the matter lies.

  4. What a sad poem Sanaa, especially that third verse where the differences between the couple are revealed, with the question remaining “can this love be sustained?” which had seemed right under the moonlight.

  5. “How is it that when we’re alone
    aware of the touch of despair
    and blind
    to the whisper of hope?”……A predicament so common to be found in humanity. Love this journey from dawn to twilight.

  6. The idea of someone’s palm being sanctuary for the heart of another is a powerful and hope-giving thought. To trust that much… and for that trust to be deserved… what if, indeed…

  7. That would be a relief if September clouds led away from pain and misery, Sanaa – a new start in a new month. I love the lines:
    ‘Between you and me,
    if I were to lay my heart
    in the sanctuary of your palm
    would you adhere
    to thoughts blurted out
    from discouraged alleyways

  8. In love when we surrender everything to the one who we think is worthy of it, then every word from that person becomes our sanctuary. Really like this sweet- sour poem on love.

    1. Thank you so much, Vandana 🙂 so glad you liked it ❤️

      PS: It’s not a poem about love rather it was inspired by last week’s midweek motif “what if”..

  9. I particularly like the strength of the last two stanzas – the wording is powerful, gripping, and generally, the flow of this poem is interesting – conversational yes, starting off broad and sweeping, and then suddenly, sharply, dipping into a “leaning in” intimate way that somehow personalizes the generalized ideas of despair, hopelessness etc. So startling a means and way of turning in this poem – it’s really rather refreshing, which makes it vibrate and resonate. Wonderful and savoury Sanaa. 🙂

  10. Admiring this bit again: “if I were to lay my heart /in the sanctuary of your palm/would you adhere/
    to thoughts blurted out/from discouraged alleyways/and corridors?”

    It’s an overall evocative verse, which manages the theme so well. Lovely work, Sanaa!

  11. I am also enchanted by the imagery of a heart laid in the sanctuary of a palm. There is something so tender and vulnerable about that phrase!

  12. There is so much wisdom in this… love the thought of putting your trust in another.. the heart in the palm… I almost imagine a summer love being saved.

  13. A nice tight poem, Sanaa. I liked your bringing the moon in at the ending.
    Aloneness brings closeness
    understsnding and desire
    If the moon turns fickle
    That won’t matter at all.

  14. “so what if the moon has no intention 
    of keeping promises,
    conviction is somewhere between chaos
    and finding strength within.”

    There is so much power in these lines 💙

  15. what if September clouds 
    lead away from pain and misery?

    This is so beautiful! We must hold on to hope no matter how distressing the time.

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