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Fear trickles down
like drops of venom
as Darkness sweeps
triumphing over his goal
wrapped around
substance of one’s own doubts
Temptation and Avarice
devour poison bred apples
while Reason cries out loud
through Madness in vain.
I blinked open an eye as Dawn crept out alive
The soul instead of Blues sang but sunny thoughts
“Fear is nothing more than a mere misguided step.”


Photo credits: www.tumblr.com

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64 Replies to “Fear”

  1. Stunning imagery. I especially like “Fear trickles down like drops of venom” and “I blinked open an eye as dawn crept out alive.” The comparison of fear to misguided step at the end is wonderful…never thought of it that way, but so true!

  2. Ah.. yes.. my FriEnd..
    the cognitive behavioral
    therapy oF a positive emotional
    SonG in vocal personal inspirational
    way to alleviate anxiety and fear..
    but sadly when one is
    forced in a corner to
    do stuff they
    come to believe
    they have to do..
    no matter the stress
    response that can come
    with that.. that science now
    shows can eventually destroy
    the vital organ systems of the Body
    REAL2… and truly lead to a premature
    death.. something old wive’s tales said
    oF ThE
    Of thAT HeRE..:)

  3. I really liked: “I blinked open an eye as dawn crept out alive”…and that last line summed it up perfectly, Sanaa.

  4. I love that opening line – I agree, fear does trickle – I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a sudden fear. And then I read ‘dawn crept out alive’ – great words! Much love, Kim x

  5. Nothing to fear, but … The reality is almost never as scary as that which we drum up in our own minds. “Fear is nothing more than a mere misguided step.” is brilliant.

  6. “Fear is nothing more than a mere misguided step.”

    How thought-provoking. Really, what happens in our minds has the power to cause us the most pain and torment.

  7. Agreed fear can be quite venomous. Hey but we have an instinct of protective fear that cautions us. And there is some good on that.

    Thanks for linking to Monday WRites Sanaa

    Much love…

  8. Recognizing the paralysis that can come with fear and then making the decision to take that first step anyway – this is bravery.

  9. The fear can be seen and tasted in your words, and the colors and images used evoke all its effects. And to end with that wise thought, when dawn breaks over the darkness, is perfect. 🙂

  10. I blinked open an eye as Dawn crept out alive

    what a wonderfully worded phrase and image, and incredibly great metaphor for this piece – this poem about fear and how, ultimately, fear is truthfully a misguided step – and of course, choosing to place fear in the darkness, in the unknowns, reinforces the idea that by the light of day …

    lovely poem Sanaa

  11. “Fear is nothing more than a mere misguided step.”

    You are very right there Sanaa! A little correction here and there from time to time is all that is needed!


  12. misguided steps…. fear is that and sometimes standing still – no steps at all! I do believe reason is within us – we just need to not always give in to what we want… but what we need.

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