Fear me (not)

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Fear, is an illusion, that drapes itself around
subconscious,Β as though invisible worm that
preys upon a shattered rose.

Believe, night never could defeat oh’ hour of
blushing dawn,
often death deems uncertain
unto light of prayer and hope.

I blinked open an eye as blew buoyant breeze
reminding thus, “Fear can’t hurt you
anymore than a dream.”



Photo credits:Β Magdalena Almy Artist

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52 Replies to “Fear me (not)”

  1. I wish I truly believed fear ‘is an illusion’ and that ‘it couldn’t hurt us anymore than a dream.’ I find these fearful times troubling.

  2. We live so much of our lives holding on to our illusions. Let fear be one of the things we let go!

  3. Fear of course is not looking forward to change. We can ignore it then feel guilty that we did nothing. If we speak out however then others hear and have the courage to agree and speak themselves we will not be alone. As poets we have a voice a weapon in our own hands.

    That invisible worm of yours does nibble away on our minds, doesn’t it!

  4. I wish fear to be an illusion, a dream you wake from, but I do fear our present and future. This is a lovely poem of hope.

  5. I wish all fears were as powerless as dreams. Experience has shown us, however, that we are right to fear some realities as those real enemies hurt and maim and kill… Perhaps if we meet those real dangers with courage and not fear, we are able to deal with them more effectively.

  6. Fear is something to fear… I feel that the worm and the rose is a nod at William Blake or isn’t it?

  7. fear and anxiety they are invisible worms, but they are like nightmares…they only exist because we allow them too.

  8. This is really comforting, Sanaa. As someone who often has to be waked from screaming nightmares (no joke, gah), what might be an illusion or dream feels so very real at times, but nightmares… that’s all they are.

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