Early Spring

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I gaze breathless, as morning sun shines 
upon burgeoning buds, listening to birds
as they spread joy throughout the world.
In Spring I found longing tasted sweet —
and waves that echo passion rush swiftly
towards my feet. Such are thoughts, that 
revive my dreams. 



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76 Replies to “Early Spring”

  1. Very very good image of spring especially the words dream, it is a very dreamy season, I loved your painting of this beautiful picture in my mind.

  2. Our “burgeoning buds” got snowed on this morning, but hopefully this is winter’s last gasp, and “waves that echo passion” will be rushing my feet any time now. Great read!

    1. Aww!❤️ Thank you so much, Victoria 😀 so glad you enjoyed it!❤️

      I’ll be right over to visit!❤️

  3. I love those words: ‘In Spring I found longing tasted sweet’, and can taste the freshness on the air in your words, Sanaa. Thank goodness for burgeoning buds and birds!

  4. “listening to birds” … that I have found myself doing lately – specifically, for the call of the Cardinal. It is quite comforting to hear it trilling from the treetops in the morning.

    “longing tasted sweet” indeed, knowing that it will be met soon. Your piece resonates with me. 🙂

  5. You begin with the external manifestations of Spring, and those quickly become surrogates for the internal reawakening of life. So much packed into so few lines.
    Steve K

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