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Scent of freshly brewed ristretto and
pear butter, pour memories out unto
readying eve. I smile as conversation
flows, as though a passionate stream.

You’re poetry dark, that enchants ―
delights the muse as melting waves.
You’re song and silence that swirls,
as though petals unto written page.

I eyed rough sketches sprawled on
bed, as night spreads out its wings.
Moonlight shines through window; 
as I recall her words upon journey’s 

Photo credits: Pixabay

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United


For my prompt “Come chase oh fleeting thoughts of the moment” on
Friday 24th February at 8:00 am EDT.

Posted for poems written on Prompt Nights 

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80 Replies to “Duologue”

  1. A good book is always good company

    “You’re song and silence that swirls,
    as though petals unto written page”

    How sweet of you to dedicate this poem to Magaly. I’m sure she Luvved it

    Have a nice Wednesday

    Much love…

  2. As a proponent, fan & author of /dark poetry/ and words that swirl & sing, I commend you on this fine poetic–both tribute & love song. You make me proud to be a poet, happy to belong to a poetic group that spans the globe & expresses diverse perceptions in the most delightful & interesting ways.

  3. May I change from coffee to a herbal tea, please? Given my severe allergy, to caffeine. I love your usage of metaphors, throughout this poetic tribute to Magaly. The highest form that one can be honoured, by another.

  4. We each write diferently and when reading others work we are envious of the way they do. Our own words too are disinctive and belong to us just as much as the way we talk and dress. Then as you say that words are memorable such as a touch or a kiss. (Especially Magaly’s).

  5. The imagery here is just wonderful. You start with very solid real description of food and drink and then go dancing into really vivid ways to describe intangible things. What a nice tribute to Magaly!

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