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Photo credits: wallpaperpixel.com

For my prompt ‘In dreams we enter a world that’s entirely
our own’ tomorrow at 8 am EDT.

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Posted on OLN @ dVerse Poets Pub


& Music Prompt 53 @ Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

60 Replies to “Dreams”

  1. Your poem feels as soft and delicate as the painting, Sanaa. I too love your deliberate use of the same line in opening and closing this beautiful work.

  2. The rain does put a dampener of the sun’s smile doesn’t it? It is almost as though a dream of love has been thwarted by the change in weather, however that kiss made it seem right after all.

  3. So late to my reading — apologies!
    Such a beautiful write. The first and last line become for me, almost like a mirror. I stand and look within…..and there is the image looking back at me….these feelings when wind blew words along the skies…..
    and I love the image you’ve chosen here. The softness in the image and in your words. Just truly lovely.

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