70 Replies to “Disposition”

  1. A lovely piece…no truer words ever spoken. It is up to us to notice, as in the “Color Purple,” she said, “if there is a field of purple, and you don’t notice, it really pisses off God.” I think the universe is set up for your happiness…so be happy!

  2. A wise message spoken so sweetly. I just love that you began with the word, “scintillating”. I read your poem before realizing that we came up with the same title for our poems.

  3. simpler things are what
    matter most in life!

    Couldn’t agree more with this. Why complicate matters when simple things are at hand. Great thoughts Sanaa!


  4. The certainty of seed, stem and bloom is attractive indeed in its simplicity. The sensual outer layer can beguile, but certainty is the real attraction.

  5. to meet the sultriest day with the brightest blush….very strengthening indeed…i love everything about this poem Sanaa, from the picture to the title to the words…

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