Decorous Dirge

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Erewhon round night of mists and dreams; bade herbs
and spice to shade the room. Guerrero born with blush
of morn; don nature with the fairest bloom.

“Oh sweet Guerrero garb with flair;
Let buds of marjoram adorn your hair.
Oh beauteous soul as briar rose;
Worth hundred spears and hundred bows.

Hazel trees spread far and wide;
Beneath thus time’s flowing tide.
Oh sweet Guerrero need not fear;
Have millions longing to revere.”

Erewhon burst with mirth and cheer; upon blessings
for their fairest dame. Envisioned glories half appear;
bade gifts of love andΒ fruitful fame.

Lo! Stars tonight shall be so dear;
To lean and whisper into her ear.



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Happy Birthday Magaly ❀️

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50 Replies to “Decorous Dirge”

  1. You make want to braid the entire woods in my hair, and battle on! I’m so enchanted by all the Nature and wilderness that I can hear my soul sing and dance. And as you often do, you crowned the piece with your last two lines: the idea of the stars whispering, and not just whispering but leaning down to do it, is pure yum!

    Thank you sooo much, Sanaa darling. I love this! ❀

    1. Hello Magaly,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it πŸ™‚
      Highly appreciated, lots of love πŸ˜€

      PS: Happy Birthday πŸ˜€

  2. Nice fun tribute to Magaly. All dressed up, her and Erewhon. Since it’s a dirge, I’m not sure of the real end. But the last two lines sound pretty good to me:
    Lo! Stars tonight shall be so dear;
    To lean and whisper into her ear
    I’m wondering what he whispered, sweet nothing kind i’m sure.

  3. Wow this was so much fun to read aloud…and in the a minstrel voice that Raivenne spoke of…
    Joyful words…

  4. I love a dirge of such loveliness… you somehow make groves seem beautiful… somewhere I see that beautiful painting of Ophelia floating drowned…

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