December blues

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Witch hazel, plumed with silent snow
Beckoned her shed residue of woe —
Wistfully, she glanced past her cabin
Urging sleet and ice not grind the street.
His words warmed her round December
As though an elixir of primrose blue —
‘Though days be blend of pain and bliss
know love be light in darkest of abyss.’



Photo credits: “Snow Birthed Tales”, by Jenny Leslie

Posted on Sunday Mini Challenge @ Real Toads

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46 Replies to “December blues”

  1. The first two lines sing such a calming song into my heart. I love that the words match the tone I feel emanating from the cabin and its surrounding… as if saying, I know that it is cold and a tad gloomy, but I shall will warmth into being.


  2. I think your poetry is the warm elixer that brightens the gloom, consistently. You may feel sorrow, but don’t dwell there. This poem, too, addresses that choice and shows it in the world you breathe.

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