Death and Lilies

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Death moves slow as though wisp of smoke;
chilling with caprice in mere last moments.
We breathe in solace offered to us by lilies;
reminding us of soul, its restored innocence.
If mortals are but shadows waiting to return
back to light; then why need we fear death?
Let us embrace darkness, while holding onto
faith, deem death as master of cadmium fate.



Photo credits: Vince neil photo

Form: Chiaroscuro

Posted for Meeting the Bar @ dVerse Pub


Posted on the Poetry Pantry @ Poets United 

56 Replies to “Death and Lilies”

  1. I really liked the gradual change of colour in this, Sanaa, from the wisp of smoke to the cadmium fate, with a flash of lilies – I’m glad you didn’t overdo it by mentioning their colour – this way, coupled with breathing in the solace, it is beautifully subtle..You’ve also woven in shadows, light and darkness.

  2. The image of lily is so well chosen (ha we did it both) because it represent both death and beauty… there is comfort in its scent, but more conclusion than longing.

  3. Let us embrace darkness,
    while holding onto faith

    That by itself is a measure of contention. One can well sacrifice some luxuries to accommodate some solace or distractions


  4. sParks
    fly iN niGht
    eYes as i capture
    A photo oF a FlAme
    of water
    in synchronicity
    as it seemS even
    A finger on liGht
    for change..
    oF noW iN MaGiC liFe..:)

    just a funny little synchronicity
    as i took a photo of a torch light fountain
    and a firecracker explosion came and a torch
    of flame
    all at
    the moment
    of the finger
    on a trigger oF liGht..:)

    i kNew tHere would be a
    reaSon for it as we color
    the iNk
    of liFe sAMe..:)

  5. Love the commentary on the contradictions that bubble up when considering faith and death. It makes little sense to fear a rite of passage one believes will take the most important aspect of the individual to a paradise. Just wonderful, Sanaa.

  6. “If mortals are but shadows waiting to return
    back to light; then why need we fear death?”

    your question lends itself to much meditation. Have a good Sunday, Sanaa

    much love…

    1. Thank you so much, Gillena ❤️ so glad you liked it 🙂

      You too, have a great day ahead

      much love…❤️

  7. I think we travel through darkness to embrace the light. If you believe in life after death there is comfort in knowing your will be transformed and that eases the fear, the lilies represent purity/cleansing. A strong symbolic choice to go with your words.

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