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Do consequences have a face?
We dare not show ourselves in place.
Does outcome effect you in the end?
Too late to say that I can mend.
Do heartless people have a soul?
With strong intent they set a goal.

The taste of horror on my tongue;
With hard contempt the heart is wrung.
Life is like a blanket of snow;
And he who hasn’t learned should know.
My emotions can’t be mine alone;
The thunder was silence to their groans.

These people spattered with innocent blood;
They shall be dragged through slime and mud.
Their sins the world will not forgive;
We’re only given one chance to live.
Consequences different this time around;
The dew was cold upon the ground.

Do consequences have a face?
They shall be in for odious fate.
Does outcome affect them near the end?
What I dream the day might send.
Do heartless people have a soul?
Some hearts are darker than charcoal.



Form: Dialogue

Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Poets Pub


30 Replies to “Consequences”

  1. So true we all only have one life. It is horrific when lives come to an end in this way…violent and untimely. And yes, some hearts are very dark!

  2. Well put poetically, but my emotions have to be held in check, for the atrocities come in clumps, the murdering is ongoing. It is like watching the rise of the Nazis; the horrific events becoming so numerous to approach commonplace. The plethora of mass shooting in schools, & movie theaters are legion, by our own mentally ill citizens. Add Jahad to the mix, plus a history of Crusades that never forced or allowed compromise or accommodation, just wholesale slaughter of Infidels, it just leaves me limp & exhausted. Every new act invigorates & raises my outrage. What a world. My hope is Peace in our time, before my grandchildren have to honor military service.

  3. consequences having a face – that is what struck me most here
    maybe things like that get a face by the way we react to them
    i was shocked when i heard about the attack
    and i was overwhelmed with things that happened as a reaction like the man who pulled up a piano in the paris streets and played imagine – that really moved me
    and brought back some peace as well

  4. Beautifully and powerfully expressed. The tragedy of this world is that what happened in Paris happens every day in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and many other places and often it happens because of terrorism carried out by nation States. Perhaps we would go mad if we felt for all of it.

  5. I have a feeling that those who want peace are squeezed by different tastes of fascism… and just like Glenn says.. the parallels to the Nazis is chilling.. I read a review about a book called Black earth that gives a chilling account how ordinary people becomes victims and perpetrators…

  6. You’ve left me speechless. “My emotions can’t be mine alone” so very true. I feel every word. The fact that it is a rhyming poem puts more power to it, too. Well penned. Thanks for the read.

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