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Torn between two – as such is the conscience;
Echo: Constant
It acts like a watchman – alert and cautious.
Echo: Process

Faith and prejudice have something in common;
Echo: Often
Soon regain thought at reason’s denouement.
Echo: Debarment.

The heart is conflicted – faced with a choice;
Echo: Voice
To reason with sorrow or dance with rejoice.
Echo: Hoist

Memories of greed come forth in flashes;
Echo: Ashes
Hours have passed since we emptied our glasses.
Echo: Lasses

Through night or light – be watchful of your steps;
Echo: Prep
Shun the temptation – which has slowly forth crept.
Echo: Sap


“Every man’s island, Jean Louise, every man’s watchman, is his conscience. There is no such thing as a collective conscious.”  –Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman

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50 Replies to “Conscience”

  1. Several really great lines. I think our conscience can be a watch man. I wish more people listened. It is a choice you know. The faith and prejudice line though is the winner today.

  2. I have used echo verse several times since we used it for a dVerse prompt, but today it is back to the Haibun, done my way; no echoes. Yours is a very effective use of the form, serving the prompt today. I like the lines /memories of greed come forth in flashes/Echo: Ashes./.

  3. Interesting take on the prompt! I think we’re often conflicted when we don’t listen to our conscience. Does there need to be collective conscience for society to function harmoniously? You have me wondering…

  4. I like the advice of being watchful of our steps ~ I also like this part of our conscience:

    It acts like a watchman – alert and cautious.

    Thanks for the echo verse Sanaa ~

  5. Excellent echo poem really! You have shown both sides; and often times it seems the ‘watchman’ sees both. The heart must find its way…and decide.

  6. This made me think of that movie where the actor has two little figures sitting on his shoulders – one says this – the other this and it’s up to him to decide which one to follow.

  7. Oh yes, this is how I would like the watchman to be. We have to keep watching all the time. The echo working as that inner voice..

  8. Hmm.. for hundreds of thousands of years
    allwHere humans lead lives of skin to skin
    survival.. huddling for warmth
    as mammals in frosty nights..
    and sweating naked
    around fires
    cooking food
    of day.. there
    is no question if
    exists tHere then
    as this YeS NoW
    is the inherent
    way all social
    for survival
    when tHey tRuly
    connect in flesh and blood
    ways.. now illusions of books
    and screens of scream take
    this away but when humans
    need each other for SURVIVAL
    the conscious
    is group
    lives alone..
    i dance to connect
    in flesh and blood life..
    ink is ashes of meaning
    but only goes
    i suppose some folks
    in our modern cultures
    lose almost
    all perspective
    of this..
    and that my
    friend is the
    apocalypse of
    hell already here
    in living feat..
    i dance

    Oh by the way..
    nice poem..
    and Lots
    of Love friend..
    with the group
    thingy.. as
    never matching
    the real flesh
    and blood
    Life that is
    never soloALONE

    1. Hello Mary,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it 🙂
      Highly appreciated, lots of love 😀

      PS: It was really gripping.. you’ll love it 🙂

  9. I rather like that quote about individual conscience, and your echo poem does justice by it’s resonance

    Thanks for dropping in and linking to Monday WRites today

    Much love…

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