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In the midst of,
Surreal wilderness.
Thee shone as a light,
In pitch darkness.

It was the time of Spring,
A maiden which ye met,
Seemed as though,
From Beijing!

Like blooming roses,
Had our youth begun.
Lovelier more than,
The shining sun.

Soon thou hath
Closer, than thy
Own thumb.

This comradeship,
Oh so pure!
Like roaring waves,
Upon a shore.

So cherish thy bond,
Whilst ye share.
Like wintry leaves,
Tis so rare.


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  1. Alia Khan says:

    Beautifully written..!!

    1. says:

      Hello Alia,

      Thanks! Glad you liked it.

  2. Sarah Brown says:

    Wonderful composition!! So heart warming..

    1. says:

      Hello Sarah,

      Thank you so much! Glad you liked it.

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