Carved in Stone

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Carving set in stone;
Its meaning hidden – ambiguous
Yearns to be interpreted.


Faced with perils of the sea;
These men sought out to find
Sunken treasures.


Cattle of different breed;
Old beliefs have settled in
Farmer’s tale.


Ancient tribes gather around;
Depiction of defiance


Photo Credits: Petroglyphs, stone carvings from Sweden byΒ Β Bjorn Rudberg.

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28 Replies to “Carved in Stone”

  1. Wonderful interpretations, Sanaa! I really like the way you expressed that the carvings were ambiguous. So true. We put our own interpretations on them, but we don’t really know what was meant by those who carved the stones!

  2. How right you are about the ambiguous meaning of these carvings, Sanaa, yet you managed to tell a story about each three carvings that you chose. I really enjoyed this.

  3. Wonderful – sometimes it is hard to see what they depict.. But indeed a siege.. πŸ™‚ sometimes you need to squint your eyes a little

  4. I enjoyed your approach to these. I love the quickness of the form, like the swipe of a blade.
    This one is my favorite:
    “Cattle of different breed;
    Old beliefs have settled in
    Farmer’s tale.”

    Thanks for sharing!

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