I live for languid mornings when the sun is partially covered by the clouds and aroma of coffee fills the air. It is the first of January and yet the heart is mournful, like branches of winter, is bare. There are so many people, so many loved ones who, as we speak, are on the edge of despair, who for some reason feel as though the world has come to an end. I keep shunning negative thoughts and hope that time heals wounds that seem to worsen though days are bright. 

I place a camellia where aggression grows, sift sorrow and allow room for others to breathe; to feel lost is a terrible thing especially when one is surrounded by people. I don’t claim to be stronger than others, I too break as petals – the only difference is I have endured what they are enduring at present.  

This new year, let us be a beacon of light, let us strive for betterment, both for ourselves and others. The alternative is much too terrifying to even consider.  

Camellia petals 
the rising sun offers warmth,  
one need only see. 




Photo credits: Pinterest 

dVerse opens again after the holidays and we have Kim as our lovely hostess, inviting us
to write a haibun for the New Year. Come join us! 🩷

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