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I wonder often why we wish to bear
o’ hours of throe and mournful din, 
sigh and bleed, withering leaves ―
feel angst and bliss of wintry wind.

Your touch as though sizzling flame
with eyes that long in darkness pelt.
This comforts although acute is pain,
in pools of conjecture would never 
drown again.

And though I’d prefer to rejoice in the
rain, couldn’t bear to tear myself away
from the mist.



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“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”
– Tennessee Williams, Conversations with Tennessee Williams

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62 Replies to “Brume”

  1. Emotions tie themselves to weather… but not always in the way we first expect… sometimes we are singing in the rain.

  2. When in darkness, we almost always yearn for light… and vice versa. I wonder if this is some sort of the-grass-being-greener-on-the-other-side effect. I wonder if one we get there, we’ll find ourselves wishing for yellow blades.

  3. We can cry along with the rain or dance in it for it’s mood is set by us much like the sun, the mist or fog, cloudy skies or clear for there is joy for some and others tears. What a beautiful reflective piece this is Sanaa.

  4. “This comforts although acute is pain,”

    getting too cozy the soul of adventure looks to the mist of mystery and intrigue; thats the way i see it

    Have a nice Sunday Sanaa

    much love…

  5. Very powerful. Tying emotions to weather is not an easy thing to do as if not done well can come across as trite and cliched – you’ve fallen well clear of that trap! Love the opening stanza.

  6. Once I looked up “Brume,” your images flew together in a delicious jam. Is it winter herself speaking? Or someone who has a choice to stay or leave? We walk in the mists that goddesses weave.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan 🙂 for your kind comment ❤️ Good to see you!

      PS: Both your interpretations fit! Could be either 😀

  7. There is something beautiful about both rain and mist and we can feel emotionally drawn to the comfort that sort of melancholy brings, if that makes sense 🙂

  8. A mesmerizing, emotive close on this. I think that mist is probably more mystic and serene than rain – perhaps, more contemplative and introspective, as well. Lovely poetry.

  9. Very insightful and thought provoking. Most can rejoice in the rain but for some, the magic comes, from wandering about in the mist. Love the Tennessee Williams Quote.

  10. “I wonder often why we wish to bear
    o’ hours of throe and mournful din,” Something I wonder about as well. This is a lovely poem Perhaps the answers are hidden in the mist.

  11. How deliciously you re-acquaint us English-speakers with our own language! (In that, you remind me of my late second husband, Bill Nissen, who came to Australia from Holland at 15, knowing no English, taught himself and fell in love with the language.)

    And what an interesting book that must have been to read.

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