Body of a Woman

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The body of a womanΒ 
as though twilight shadows lengthenedΒ 
and a glimpse into the woes
washed by the rain.

The body of a woman
as clouds that descend without a thought
and a glimpse into past resolutions
as changes in the sea.

The body of a woman
as memory belonging to another lifetime
and a glimpse into unfaltering hope
etched upon her heart.

I glanced at myself in the mirror,
grateful for the body and soul
that would carry on to be an example
to the world.


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Inspired by the title ‘Body of a Woman’ by Pablo Neruda
Also linking to Leo’s Wednesday Verses

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56 Replies to “Body of a Woman”

  1. Wow! So much is at stake in our health, self-respect and willingness to expand to our fullest. I love that your subject is female capacity and most particularly that of the voice in this poem. This is a beautiful body, a beautiful poem.

  2. I read this as a woman accepts the changes that occur to in her lifetime as well as her common sense that is inherent being passed to future generations. (Mind you I have a vivid imagination!)

  3. It’s quite nice that there have been changes over time, but she accepts those and sees herself as a role model, to herself if not anyone else. πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for linking up with #WednesdayVerses, Sanaa!

  4. I like the shift from focusing on ‘the body of a woman’ in general to the reflection of your own body, Sanaa. The stanza that I identify with is:
    ‘The body of a woman
    as memory belonging to another lifetime
    and a glimpse into unfaltering hope
    etched upon her heart’.

  5. I love the reflecting part here… and cannot avoid reflecting on the the similarities between your poem and Kim’s… as well as the choice of image being so different.

  6. Every body is a collection of its experiences, of every touch, of every person we allow into our soul… And when we are no more, the memories gathered by our tells our story, an everlasting sample of what we were.

  7. “Twilight shadows lengthened” is a gorgeous way to describe the life, plight, depth, and beauty of what it means to be a woman.

  8. So sorry to be this late Sanaa, I was without my laptop. Thanks for this beautiful gift of a poem. I love the resolution of the speaker at the end and also the beautiful metaphors at work in the previous stanzas.

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