Bluebells – A Tribute to my Grandmother

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Gaze upon thy yonder blue,
Spill some secrets,
Perhaps a few?

Thy fresh memory,
Blowing a breeze.
Whilst sifting across,
A Bunyan tree.

Had’st ever there been,
An elderly so profound?
As such thy ealdmoder,
Thou so safe and sound.

Thy nature so loving,
Oh so sublime.
Laughter melodious,
Resembling a chime.

When giveth gifts,
Does thou smile.
Making thy time,
Worth the while.

Thy shadowed ye off-springs,
With utmost care!
Ye stance had all,
Grace and flair!

As thou bids,
A sweet farewell,
A field ye sees,
Of blooming bluebells.

And as the light,
Doth fluoresce,
Beckoned are thou,
By caress.


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Β Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

36 Replies to “Bluebells – A Tribute to my Grandmother”

  1. I am intrigued by your use of archaic language throughout, in keeping, perhaps, with the age of your grandmother and her link to previous generations of poets.

  2. Sanaa, this is a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. So well written and it has the nice rhyming.
    You remember so many of her nice ways. I do think though, that as youngsters we were more attached to grandmothers than to grandfathers. Probably because back then not a lot of women left the home for working.

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